“Devil on my shoulder” by Kelsy Karter

With electrifying and refreshing melodies and verses comes the uber-talented Kelsy Karter with “Devil on my shoulder”. With this exquisite and exciting soundscape, the amazing New Zealand native comes to us once more and delivers a track that adds itself perfectly to the rock genre. She knows that no one is all good and that we all have a little devil on our shoulders and sometimes it’s voice seems to be louder than anything else. The visuals are playful while still embracing the intoxicating nature of the lyrics making for a one of a kind experience that is so thrilling and so inviting from the very first second. There’s something about this music video that instantly connects with the listener making it a perfect addition to any playlist. So listen carefully and dive into the world that Kelsy has created with this fantastic track. Enjoy!

Devil on my shoulder is about that cheeky little voice in your head that takes over sometimes. For me, the way I’ve always dealt with anxiety or depression is by being mischievous and doing things that maybe I shouldn’t. I wanted to make the ultimate extreme, hyper rock&roll tune – that would match the characteristics of what goes on in my little devil’s head.”  – Kelsy Karter

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