“…Something ‘bout you,

And the way we fit,

Like the stars in the night,

Heat of you on my skin,

Hadn’t known you for long,

But it felt like years,

From the second we met…”

“Somebody” by Dagny

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Dagny comes to us with a perfect pop banger in her latest musical creation, “Somebody”. With this beautiful and inspiring soundscape, she explores the magic and beauty of love as it comes into your life once more. With this personal and playful blend of melodies and lyrics, she reminds us that there’s something so beautiful and unique about love that gives us all hope and a much-needed warmth that can’t be found elsewhere. With this track, she explores the one of a kind realization that maybe she has found that one person that can be a partner not just for now but for forever. It’s a wonderful idea that is experienced by most and personally, should be experienced by all but that’s a personal choice. We all can decide if we search for that special someone or if life is already colorful enough the way it is. Enjoy!

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