“Hallelujah” by Brother Leo

From Sweden comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter Brother Leo with his haunting and honest must listen gem, “Hallelujah”. With this refreshing and inviting musical creation, he invites us to understand the reality of life and the fact that sadly some things can’t be changed, no matter how hard we try. The lyrics and melodies invite the listener not to feel sadness or anger but instead seek peace as the world provides them with a well-scripted answer that now requires them to push for maturity and growth. It’s not a track about fantasies and turning the impossible into reality, but it’s one that tells a story of human limitations and the melancholic beauty that is part of it. He has truly provided with a soundscape capable of serving as a much-needed escape from the restraints of today in a down to earth and soothing manner. Enjoy!

“Me and Sasha wanted to create a dark and restrained visual for Hallelujah, that in a symbolic way expressed the struggle in trying to make peace with the painful fact that certain things just can’t be fixed, no matter how hard you try.”  – Brother Leo

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