“One of Us” by FLYNN

Irish indie singer/songwriter FLYNN comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the inspiring and inviting musical gem that is “One of Us”.  With this refreshing and charming blend of melodies and lyrics he reminds us of home and how it will always be our place no matter where we go and no matter how many years pass by. Family and friends will always remember you fondly and when they see you will always feel a certain warmth that reminds you of the place that is your no matter what, your home. The visuals connect with the soundscape in a magical manner allowing the experience to feel complete and so necessary. The track seems to land perfectly in the current times in which the only place we can be is home and when thanks to technology we can connect with those that make any place feel ours. So listen, see and smile for this is just one moment in time and there are many more to come. Enjoy!

“I moved away from home to find myself, but in doing so, I kind of lost myself for a while. Eventually, I realised the value of being around friends and family, and that being back at home was what I needed to reset my peace of mind and get me back on track. Now I look forward to travelling, but I’m not running away from home or myself. I feel good about following my dreams and I’m lucky to have my friends and family supporting me from home.” – FLYNN

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