“Love Knot” by Barrett Crake

U.S. based Indie singer/songwriter Barrett Crake embodies all of us at one point of our life with his latest gem, “Love Knot”. With this track, he does not come to share fantasies and dreams but instead delivers honest and heartfelt emotions that come from the heart. There’s no hate or sadness in his verses, but instead, I felt an invitation to a conversation in which the relationship can breathe and see all that has been accomplished and balance the good and the bad. The track is a fine showcase of the human experience and really connects with the listeners through an amazing blend of visuals and sounds that make the experience whole. Enjoy!

“Break up or take a break? “Relationships can feel like tangled knotty mess & I just want some time alone to process it all…the good & the bad.” – Barrett Crake

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