“Not Playing” by CC Clarke

UK based indie singer/songwriter/fashion blogger CC Clarke comes to with the contemporary pop gem that is “Not Playing”. With this track, she takes her power back and reminds the work that she is the one that rules her heart and decides where, when and how. The track blends melodies and lyrics in a way that is inspiring and playful while it paints a vivid and charming picture. Her voice serves as the perfect guide through her sonic and visual realm as the track unfolds and grabs us by surprise to make sure we are given a sweet dose of musical ambrosia. So listen closely and keep your eyes open because there’s something special waiting for you within this track. Enjoy!

“I’m so excited to be releasing music this 2020 after years of writing and working with people I’ve looked up to my whole life. My first love has always been music and performing so I’m excited for my loyal supporters who watch me create my beauty looks online will now get to see them brought to life in shows and music videos – just how I always envisioned. I’m eager to prove to young girls and boys that you can do it all….YOUR way without being boxed in. I want to encourage people that you can be creative in every area you are passionate about without restrictions and to OWN it.” – CC Clarke

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