“Fixer” by Jake Knox

Indie pop singer/songwriter Jake Knox gives pop a much-needed dose of humanity and bittersweet realities with “Fixer”. With this one of a kind soundscape, he shares the story of a friend who sadly passed away and it serves to remind us to be there for those we care and to simply reach and offer a shoulder for them to rest on. With this down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics, he provides us with a vivid and intoxicating sonic and visual experience. The track is sure to come in as a wake-up call for most who claim to understand depression and are fortunate to have never gone through it. Personally, there’s something about this song that is so human and so raw that it allows the message to flow with ease through the airwaves speaking to all of us. So listen en enjoy this one of a kind experience filled with honest eye-opening verses.

“This song was written for a friend who passed away from the opioid epidemic. I hope it serves as a reminder that we all go through tough time and depression, but in the end we need to reach out to our friends and community to send love.” – Jake Knox

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