“The One” by Andreas Vey

German indie singer/songwriter Andreas Vey comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the hones and insightful gem that is “The One”. With this refreshing showcase of feelings and emotions, he embraces the fragile magic of the soul in a way that is unlike anything else out there. The track pulls you into a world that is so warm and so personal that you feel slightly ashamed that you are part of this experience, but it feels so intoxicating to the senses that you just can’t step away. The soundscape blends perfectly with the visual touch making the song a must for any music lover seeking a sweet release from the confines of their home. So listen, see and embrace the magic of this must listen gem.

“I had a breakdown and moved to Berlin to begin again. Somehow it started with a clutch of failures and setbacks. I couldn’t find a place to stay and worked in twenty or more different daily jobs and finally my girlfriend broke up with me. I was pretty lost and disillusioned and I wandered through the city a lot at that time. I remember being pretty overwhelmed by the hectic of the city and all the different impressions while I was seeking refuge and solace.”  – Andreas Vey

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