“…You’re everything to me

I’m the one you call when you can’t sleep

I pray away the sun

Because when the morning comes

You always leave…”

“I think about you all the time” by Gatlin

U.S. based indie singer/songwriter Gatlin comes to us with the bittersweet realm of “I think about you all the time”. With this honest and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, she gives life to a story that is so personal yet so universal nowadays. She speaks of having feelings for someone who sadly will not have them back because that person simply runs away and seeks the pleasures of the body without ever catching a glimpse of the heart. The track is a wild mesmerizing ride that goes through ups and downs as it showcases the fragile nature of the human heart in its own distinct manner. The visuals perfectly complement the sounds and verses making the experience feel complete and so intoxicating. So listen, see and explore this one of a kind world that she has crafted. Enjoy!

“…is a song about romanticizing a person who is unable to give love, wanting love from them but knowing they are incapable. The production matches my emotions – really vulnerable, chaotic and muddy.” – Gatlin

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