“…Oh I’m scared,

This time I really care,

‘cause I’m a better me when I’m with you

Suddenly I got something, got something to lose…”

“Something to lose” by DYLYN 

Canadian indie singer/songwriter DYLYN comes to Wolf in a Suit with a visual and sonic experience with “Something to lose”. With this exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she paints a picture that is sure to speak to most if not all of the listeners. The soundscape is intoxicating and tells a story that while personal also feels so universal to all who fall in love and realize how precious it can be. She speaks to our hearts and souls and lets us that people are important and they can make us feel not only anxious and scared but also filled with the hope that the unknown nature of it can bring. So listen carefully and explore the vivid magic of this mesmerizing and refreshing soundscape. Enjoy!

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