“I Would” by Jade Hilton

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Jade Hilton comes to us with the magic of her voice and the honesty of her lyrics to serve us “I would”. With this honest and youthful soundscape, she explores the bittersweet reality of a heart breaking as love fades away. She paints a picture that connects with most of us as she speaks about a relationship that was close to being something more for one of the two involved while sadly being a game for the other. She understands how real this experience and makes sure to be as descriptive and honest as possible as the soundscape comes alive and pulls us in. For the visuals, she is alone with her guitar and while this may seem simple, it speaks volumes of what the verses are showcasing for like in the song she is truly alone with herself and her feelings that are sadly not reciprocated. So listen, see and explore her bittersweet realm. Enjoy!

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