“This rough patch” by FXRRVST

Canada based indie pop/rock band FXRRVST comes to us with the inspiring and mesmerizing musical creation that is “This rough patch”. With this soundscape the talented band gives the world a much needed reminder that while things are tough right now, we will come out of it victorious. They serve us a much needed dose of hope and playfulness as visuals and melodies come together to speak to our hearts and souls. The soundscape is welcoming escape that is sure to get us all hooked and hopefully get us to smile. It’s an exciting and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that that comes to us at just the right time. So dive into the world they have crafted and have some fun while you are at it. Enjoy!

“This Rough Patch is a song that we always hoped people would find strength and comfort in, but it’s especially relevant to us now with so many people affected by this worldwide pandemic. It’s about overcoming difficult times and reinforces “if we try hard enough, we’ll get through this rough patch”. Sometimes we need something/anything to give us the strength to take those first few steps towards progress, and we hope this song can be that for our listeners.” – Holly Forrest of FXRRVST


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