“Did it to myself” by Francesca Blanchard

Indie singer/songwriter Francesca Blanchard comes to Wolf in a Suit with the haunting blend of music and visuals that is “Did it to myself”. With this refreshing and soothing soundscape she comes to us like a vision of what music can caress and bring forth. The verses flow with ease connecting with the melodies painting a picture that though bittersweet, holds in it a sweet release and silver lining that serves to remind us that in the bad there can be some good. It’s a haunting reminder that life comes with all shades of color available and at times we may find ourselves in the darkest ones. But there’s always something hidden to bring peace and maybe a smile to your face. Enjoy!

“…about admitting my part in my own pain; I wrote it in between saying goodbye to something I thought I needed, and opening a door to something that would change me for the better. Sometimes pain has a silver lining.” – Francesca Blanchard

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