“Money” by Alex O’aiza

Texas-based up and coming singer/songwriter Alex O’aiza comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with a change of pace and sound with the acoustic version of “Money”. With this refreshing and soothing blend of melodies and lyrics, he takes a step back from the rebellious nature of rock to set forth a more down to earth version of this tale. The track flows with ease through the airwaves and caresses our hearts and souls and a more personal approach that gives him the perfect room to allow his voice to shine. The soundscape is so intoxicating and mesmerizing from beginning to end that there’s no denying that it is sure to be a fan favorite. So dive into this new route taken by Alex and embrace the magic of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“Money was the second single I released as a solo artist. It was written and recorded in Nashville with my producer friend Austin Shawn back in January 2018, and it quickly became the artistic blueprint for my sound. Now in 2020 and a new phase of my career, I’m exploring new frontiers in my abilities as an artist. I decided to team up with close friends, producer Santiago Holder, and guitarist/songwriter Alex Whitcomb, to create an acoustic reimagining of the song and to tap into a different side of my music. I hope people enjoy this different vibe just as much as I do.” – Alex O’aiza

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