“Crunch” by Jordana

Indie singer/songwriter Jordana comes to us with a banger full of honest and human emotions in the melodic gem that is “Crunch”. With this exquisite and well crafted blend of old school rock and modern day tones she tells a story that while personal is able to grab us all. The soundscape flows with ease and caresses our hearts and souls painting a picture that is sure to connect with all who listen. She understands the thrill and the hope-filled nature of the moment you fall for someone and the fact that it does not always end in success. This can be frustrating and even bring forth anger, but she is not alone for these emotions roam around and wait for us all. The visuals manage to perfectly complement the sonic experience in a way that is refreshing and unique to all music lovers. Enjoy!

“Crunch is a feeling of an overbearing want for validation from someone and getting the cold shoulder from them. The song starts out with the confidence in knowing this person could possibly notice you, and ends in anger and frustration seeing that they ignored you, established by a distorted guitar solo.“ – Jordana

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