“…You dive in

I thought I was ice

But I am an ocean

It’s not alright

What’s this feeling

What’s this hunger

Taking me over to…”

“Body Knew” by LU KALA

Hypnotizing and uber-talented Canadian indie singer/songwriter LU KALA comes to us with the bittersweet tale that is “Body Knew”. With this refreshing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics she speaks of having your heart broken yet still having that desire that does not easily fade away. She knows the body is weak and sometimes control the heart, there’s no denying for we are all fragile creatures and there’s a weakness in all of us. It’s a charming soundscape that does not shy away from the reality that some break ups go through. Sometimes there’s not even a break up for there was never a relationship, it was just a meeting of two bodies that can become hard to break away from. The visuals paint a hypnotizing and vivid showcase of feelings and emotions that instantly catch you off guard and pull you in. Enjoy!

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