“…This is high times hail to the low lives
Nothing better to do
This time you pulled me apart
But you know id do the same to you…”

“All my friends” by The Griswolds

Indie pop/rock band The Griswolds come to us with the fun and energy-filled musical creation that is “All my friends”. With the playful and charming blend of melodies and lyrics the guys let go of all the rules and fill our airwaves with a much needed dose of rebellious positivism. The track understands that we all fall at point or another and people will point the finger, but it’s in our hands to get back up and enjoy life. No one is exempt from making mistakes and everyone has the capacity to push forward and get back on that race called life. Hopefully we can all be lucky enough to traverse through these ups and downs with the company of those we trust enough to call our friends. There’s no denying that this soundscape is sure to catch you off guard and pull a smile on your face in these hard times. Enjoy!

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