“Damn Baby” by Alt Bloom

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Alt Bloom comes to us with the mesmerizing and beautiful musical gem that is “Damn Baby”. With this romantic musical creation, he speaks of a love that simply makes you say “Damn” as you realize that you’ve probably found the one. It’s quite playful and charming as it blends melodies and lyrics to speak to us and tell us a story that while personal has that right touch to be universal. We can all dive into this soundscape he has crafted for it awaits to play with our imagination and speak to our senses as it takes shape and form. The track is an amazing addition to the already on point body of work he has crafted throughout the years. Listen carefully and enjoy the ride!

“Damn Baby was actually written top to bottom on a plane. I still have a voice memo of me whispering it into my phone trying not to tick off my fellow riders. Hence the lane “I’m writing songs bout you on the back of plane.” One of my very favorites to play live.” – Alt Bloom

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