“…And if you ever choose a road that leads nowhere
All alone and you can’t see right from wrong
And if you ever lose yourself out there
Come on home
And I’ll sing you this song…”

“The way that I love you” by Passenger

Indie folk-pop act Passenger comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with another fine showcase of feelings and emotions with “The way that I love you”. With this poetic and truly beautiful soundscape he talks of a love that is greater that distance and language. He understands that some need to fly to grow and know themselves better and he does not aim to hold back but if needed be there with the right words to push them forward once more. It’s a truly mesmerizing and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics that tells a story that could easily reflect romantic love, family love or friendship. There’s something about this track that speaks to our hearts and souls beautifully as it brings a certain warmth that quite frankly had been rare to find. Enjoy!

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