“Prayer” by Bensbeendead.

Indie singer/songwriter Bensbeendead. comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the melodic and haunting gem that is “Prayer”. With this refreshing and honest blend of melodies and lyrics he opens up his heart and soul to speak about feelings lost and what to do when you don’t believe the way others do. It’s a perfectly human and real soundscape that embraces the other side of religion as it understands that we all want to feel that escape and that peace that religion can bring, but not everyone can do it this way. It asks what to do when you need something bigger than you to listen and calm you when things are rough and the skies are grey. The track quite frankly soothes the senses and speaks softly as it caresses the soul allowing the listener to feel a connection. Enjoy!

“In a lot of ways, ‘Prayer’ might seem like a song about finding solace in religion, but to me it’s actually the opposite… I wanted to write a song as someone who’s never really felt connected to any type of religion, or the idea of a ‘God’ … When I feel uncertain, who do I turn to? Is anybody even listening? How can I ‘Let go and let God’ if I don’t believe in a God? Who do the nonbelievers pray to?” – Bensbeendead.

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