“Human Nature” by ALITA

U.S. based indie singer/songwriter ALITA comes to us with the sonic and visual experience that is “Human Nature”. With this exquisite and intoxicating soundscape she caresses our souls with words that are sure to ring true. The soundscape takes shape and form grabbing melodies and lyrics that give it a unique mesmerizing touch as it takes shape and form. There’s something about this track that just pulls you in an instant as your body connects with the sounds while you heart and soul embrace the tale the verses have given birth too. The visuals capture the essence of the soundscape giving her the right space to simply shine as beautifully and as perfectly as she can. There’s no denying that this track is sure to be a fan favorite for any and all music lovers. Enjoy!

“‘Human Nature’ is a song about fatal attraction. It explores the subconscious, unhealthy stories we learn as children that end up informing toxic romantic behavior as adults. The song was kind of monumental for me to write because it ended up being my groovy, pop – y response to a love that had gone sour, and the process of finding words and melodies to tell that story finally gave me the courage to let it go.” – ALITA

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