“The Moon” by Natalie Major

Indie singer/songwriter Natalie Major comes to us with a magical and beautiful ballad that comes from the heart perfectly titled “The Moon”. With this honest and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics, she speaks from afar to another person (maybe even herself) and does it so brilliantly. The soundscape is mesmerizing and flows with ease telling a story interwoven by various moments that showcase the beauty within humanity. There’s something about the track that easily caresses the soul in a way that invites us to bring down our walls and simply listen and learn from the lessons that lie within this musical creation. So dive into this world that she has crafted and really open yourself up to the experience. Enjoy!

“I wrote this sad yet beautiful ballad to a younger version of myself after healing from a near-death experience I had in Thailand after a motor scooter accident. It’s a song about growth and hope.” – Natalie Major

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