“…Used to pretend we’d run away
But I think you know I would stay and I regret that everyday
So I surrender
Now it’s September and leaves are on the ground
It feels colder with you not around…”

“Stephanie” by Glass Caves

From the UK comes the exciting and uber-talented indie pop/rock band Glass Caves with their youthful musical gem “Stephanie”. With this exquisite and charming blend of melodies and lyrics the guys paint a picture of a young summer love long gone. The track remembers the adventures of youth in a way that is so vivid and intoxicating as it comes to the realization that it is all sadly gone. While it does have some hints of hope wondering around the verses, it is clear that there’s more wishful thinking than actually something happening. They embrace the magic of young love and give our senses and imagination a well-served dose of it. So listen, open up your eyes and explore the world that they have crafted. Enjoy!

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