“Sky’s on fire” by The Two Romans

Two Roman brothers lead the way of the uber-talented band that is The Two Romans to break through your speakers and shine with “Sky’s on fire”. With this passionate and mesmerizing blend of melodies and lyrics they invite us into a place where we can feel at ease and safe. The soundscape understands that the world is sure to go through ups and downs that catch off guard but there’s always place to bring peace to your mind. They invite us to search for this for there’s surely someone or something that can whisper to our souls and calm us down. The track is pure and so full enigmatic and powerful lyricism that is sure to get a hold of your imagination and feed your senses with a wonderful musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

“The holy place. The safe Haven. Even though everything around you treathens to fall to pieces, you feel calm in the knowledge that you are accepted and loved. A person that irons away the stormy waves in your heart and locks out the whole world just to give you peace. That is what Sky’s On Fire is about.” – The Two Romans

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