“…In my land of fairy-tales, you were an angel
With eyes so pure and kind like a lullaby
Played me like a monster now
You are a stranger
Ur voice s stuck in my head like a lullaby…”

“Sick Lullaby” by Olivia Addams

From Romania comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Olivia Addams and her intoxicating musical gem, “Sick Lullaby”. With this exquisite and exciting blend of melodies and lyrics she blends pop and electronica in a way that instantly catches our senses off guard. The soundscape is playful and seductive and invites us to explore the ins and outs of this sweet realm she has crafted. It all comes to us as a barricade of great music that feeds us with the pop sounds that we craved yet didn’t know of. She has hit the nail right in the head as this soundscape unfolds beautifully in front of us pulling the visuals and sounds together into something exciting. So listen, see and enjoy this one of a kind ride.

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