“…People say we’re wasting all our time
Searching for things we weren’t meant to find
But that’s all we have so I don’t mind…”

“People Say” by Ben Wylen

Indie singer/songwriter Ben Wylen comes to us with the insightful and honest musical experience that is “People Say”. With this refreshing and catchy blend of melodies and lyrics he reminds us that people will always have an opinion, but the results of our perseverance are sure to come. The sounds motivates us to push forward and to just listen and be patient as we continue our quest through the ups and downs that are sure to come. Life is not for those that just listen to negativity that sadly is part of the human experience, sometimes it comes from a place that is too close for comfort but we are all capable of moving on and pushing forward. This track empowers and mesmerizes the senses as we all are sure to find ourselves singing along to this amazing modern day anthem for the brave and the strong-willed. So listen carefully and open up your eyes for the visuals add to the experience making it a memorable out of this world ride. Enjoy!

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