“…Let me go or let me down
You know that I’d never
Have the guts to kick you out
Relying on someone so cold
Is better than no one…”

“Cold” by Lilla Vargen

UK based indie singer/songwriter Lilla Vargen comes to us with the powerful and intoxicating soundscape of “Cold”. With this honest and in your face blend of melodies and lyrics she paints a picture that is so bittersweet and sadly, so real. The visuals perfectly complement the sonic experience bringing everything together and speaking to us on a level that is so human and so raw. She knows the verses and the cinematic route taken by the video will hit a nerve, but personally speaking, the nerve needs to feel this shock in order for the world to wake up and see beyond the smile and the subtle lies. The track is without a doubt one of the most amazing musical creations I’ve heard in a while. Listen and embrace the bittersweet punch of “Cold” by the exquisite voice of Lilla Vargen.

For more information about domestic abuse please visit: https://www.womensaid.org.uk/

“I wanted the video for ‘Cold’ to tell the story of abuse in relationships. This is a story that thousands of women are living every day. I’ve had similar experiences and wished that I could have looked at that relationship more objectively. Even if things look okay on the surface, it doesn’t mean they are” – Lilla Vargen

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