“…You know that I like the rush
I know that you like the pain
We shouldn’t get to pick and choose what parts to throw away
I could tell you were a phase
You always knew you wouldn’t change
We both know I needed you the way you needed me…”

“Stubborn” by RIELL

Canadian indie singer/songwriter RIELL comes to us with the powerful and honest blend of melodies and lyrics that is the musical gem known as “Stubborn”. With this refreshing and unique soundscape she opens up her heart and soul and paints a picture that comes to us naturally and with a punch that lands instantly. The track flows and with it comes all the feelings and emotions that find a home within the blend of melodies and lyrics that make it up. The song is amazing and really has all the right ingredients to make us feel a connection for it knows that at times we just fall for the wrong people but we need them at certain moments in our lives. So listen closely for there’s a story that will either feel personal because you’ve lived or because you’ve seen it in others. Enjoy!

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