“…I was naive in your arms
I was naive from the start
I felt it back then, can’t you tell I still do?
Love don’t get better than you
And I know I held on for too long
Somehow that never felt wrong
But now that you’re gone, I’m just scared it’s still true
Love don’t get better than you…”

“Sad Corny Fuck” by JP Saxe

Indie singer/songwriter JP Saxe comes to us with the bittersweet and emotion filled gem that is “Sad Corny Fuck”. With this exquisite and refreshingly honest showcase of pop music that is soft, inviting and so raw that it is sure to caress your heart and soul. There’s something about this track that just speaks to us all as it paints a picture that is vivid and so full of life as it makes us all shed a tear and feel that pain that dwells inside this soundscape. He has crafted perfection with a soft yet passionate touch that is human yet magical in its own unique way. So listen carefully and dive into the realm of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“I used to think my strength was in my ability to hold it together. That the best thing I could be for the people I loved was a rock. Turns out rocks don’t feel as much as vulnerable flawed humans and can also be very hard to connect to. This EP is a lot about love, but more so about learning how to be myself, in and out of it.” – JP Saxe on his EP

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