“I Remember” by Glass Forest ft. Abby Wale

Canadian indie pop band Glass Forest joins forces with singer/songwriter Abby Wale and together they deliver the gem that is “I Remember”. The track is magical and so uniquely romantic while also being about heartbreak and moving on. It’s an intoxicating class between what you want and you know you should go for. The track is a reflection of all us as you can feel the two sides clashing as the soundscape takes shape and form and unfolds in front of us.  Not only is the sonic part of this amazing, but the visual side manages to beautifully personified what the verses and melodies are trying to tell us. The music video makes for a cinematic experience that you are not only going to enjoy but you’ll remember forever. So come with me and let us dive into this story that is sure to get us all hooked.

“…Mmm I remember
The way that I held ya
Skin pressed together
Thought we’d be forever
I don’t want that no more…”

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