“Chlorine” by BIIANCO

Indie goddess and force of nature BIIANCO comes to us with the intoxicating and utterly mesmerizing musical gem that is “Chlorine”. With this refreshing musical creation she gives us a sweet blend of down to earth emotions with a surreal magical touch that is just so captivating. She draws inspiration from her youth giving the track a welcomed personal touch that manages to feel universal and connect us all the track transpires. The visuals come to life and embrace the melodies and lyrics in a way that elevates the experience to heights that are hard to get down from. She has proven once more why her name is bound for greatness and why her sound is always one of my favorites. Enjoy!

“Chlorine is about blind, manic, punch-drunk, young love. It was inspired by a whirlwind high school romance I had that reminded me so much of Rue and Jules’ romance from Europhia. For me, this romance was the essence of wild young love and the reckless abandon that comes with it. It involved many summer nights of sneaking out our bedroom windows and running barefoot through suburb streets (which is the exact image that inspired the line, “out in the suburbs we’re hunting for lovers and I’m what you waited for”).” – BIIANCO


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