“…I been living on the west coast

Tryna keep it in the friend zone

Some nights drinking we be too close

Is it goodbye or hello

Pulling over on the freeway

Sunset dripping over LA

Your flight tripping on the delay

Is it goodbye or hello, hello, hello, hello…”

“West Coast” by Alt Bloom

Indie singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ethan Thompson AKA Alt Bloom comes to us with the captivating tale of “West Coast”. With this honest and refreshingly human soundscape he speaks of being used to being your own self and then out of nowhere comes somebody that makes you wonder if maybe a relationship would be nice. The track takes lyrics and melodies and brings them together to paint picture that is so vivid and so intoxicating that your imagination just goes wild and experiences everything. His voice has fun with the flow of the song and it gives us a chance to feel what he is feeling in a down to earth manner that is honestly quite welcomed. Ethan has crafted a modern day track for the modern day human experience when it comes to love and the hustle. Enjoy!

“It’s about living in the city and working and grinding, then having this person come into your life and trying to decide what to do, It’s me asking, ‘Do I jump into this, or do I fight off those feelings and just keep doing my thing?’” – Ethan Thompson AKA Alt Bloom

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