“There for you” by Nicklas Sahl

Danish indie singer/songwriter Nicklas Sahl comes to us with a refreshing and personal musical gem titled “There for you”. With this impressive and haunting blend of melodies and lyrics he plays with our senses and gives our imagination something to connect with. The track is so personal yet manages to find the right voice to speak to all of us as it delivers sonic and visual moments that make it intoxicating and one of a kind. It’s an amazing addition to the pop realm for it is so human, so gentle yet so passionate that you can’t help yourself as you press play over and over again. Dive into this world and enjoy the mesmerizing gem that is this “There for you”.

Fun Fact: The music video features Nicklas Sahl along with Alex Høgh (best known for his role as Ivar the Boneless in HBO’s ‘Vikings’).

“‘There For You” is about two friends whose friendship started when they were both very young and lasts all the way up to adulthood where they start to live different lives. One takes a wrong turn in life and gets into trouble and the other tries to reach out and save the friendship by saying, ‘Remember I’ve always been there for you, pal! Trust me and not the people who has just stepped into your life.’ – Nicklas Sahl

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