Music Video: “Bad Things” by FXRRVST

“Bad Things” by FXRRVST

Canadian indie band FXRRVST comes to us with the welcoming and inspiring musical creation that is “Bad Things”. With this track they explore the ups and downs of being human and being part of this reality that we all share with melodies and verses that caress our senses and speak to our souls. The soundscape is refreshingly raw and real as it flows with ease through the airwaves telling us a story that while personal is universal and connects with us all. They are trying to let us know that we all fall and we all break, it’s ok to be hurt and it’s ok to say something about it. You can get up and get out of that hole you might find yourself in either alone or with the willing hand of someone that cares. Smile and know that there’s surely someone that cares and if you need it, I’ll care just like this talented band does. Enjoy!

“Bad Things is about having someone or something to help you. One of my school counsellors would always use the metaphor where I am in a hole and I can’t get out on my own, so she gives me a rope. I want people to understand that I always think that it’s okay to reach out for help if you need it. It’s really a song that’s just saying that it’s okay to not be okay.” – Holly Forrest of FXRRVST


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