Music Video: “Goodbye Beautiful” by MINT

“…We can broadcast the news
On the side of the peaks
Help will be with you in the upcoming scenes
First the ladies, the children, the disabled and weak
Don’t try to go swimming cause the water is bleach
And you know what that means
We gotta get to the moon…”

“Goodbye Beautiful” by MINT

UK based indie rock band MINT come to us with a great track and a powerful message with the gem that is “Goodbye Beautiful”. With this blend of melodies and lyrics the guys take an unexpected yet welcomed route as they craft a protest anthem for the modern masses. The track comes from a place that if we all had our eyes open and our ears listening, we would think the same. They are seeing the current state of the world and how little by little we are just eating away it’s beauty and blaming it on everything else but our own darn mistakes as creature that live in it. We are urgently trying to find a way out and expanding on technology to find us a new place to wreck. It’s a scary thing to see how the world is loosing the color that made it so magical and so mesmerizing and knowing that it was always in our hands but our selfishness made us believe that it was over to do as we pleased when that was never the case. So listen carefully and wake up and do something about it. Enjoy!

“We’re as scared and angry as any other person our age. If we can provide a soundtrack for people that can relate then we have made a difference. We’re not a protest band and not every song will be a protest. We can’t afford to take a day off work and travel to London to add our voice. But we’re not just going to watch TV and read online either.” – MINT

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