Music Video: “Magic” by Jordan Mackampa

“…See, it must be magic
‘Cause I’m under a spell
Will somebody answer me?
‘Cause I can’t tell
Oh well, but I…”

“Magic” by Jordan Mackampa

UK based uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa has some fun and delivers the intoxicating soundscape of “Magic”. With this playful and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics he invites to pay attention to a story while letting our bodies sway from side to side with the music guiding each movement. The track is a welcoming and mesmerizing experience that speaks to our senses while playing with our imagination as we are served a track that blends so many genres into one. So dive into this world he has crafted and enjoy the sonic and visual experience that it provides. So come with me and let us dance to what Jordan has created. Enjoy!

“This is a bossa nova/samba/ infused feel good kinda track about when you can’t get someone off your mind. You’ve had one taste and you want more!” – Jordan Mackampa

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