Music Video: “Lost to the night” by C. Shirock

“…How do you heal while in motion?
Are we lost to the fight?
Shelter from shadow
Brother come home
Come home, come home…”

“Lost to the night” by C. Shirock

Indie singer/songwriter C. Shirock comes to Wolf in a Suit with the visual representation of his must listen gem, “Lost to the night”. With this charming yet powerful soundscape he paints a picture that is so bittersweet yet so pleasantly human and honest. The blend of visuals and sounds invite us to dive into it with nothing holding us back as we can find an instant connection waiting for all of us within it. The track is one amazing addition to the already marvelous repertoire of soundscapes that C. Shirock has crafted so far. He speaks to our hearts and souls and makes us wonder what we would say to someone we loved and lost if we had the chance, just one, to speak with them. What would you say? I know what I would say. Enjoy!

“He told me the heartbreaking story about how his brother had disappeared and abruptly cut off communication with his family after suffering from his experiences in the military. As we talked and processed the situation, we started asking, ‘if we had a chance, what would we say to someone we’ve lost?'” – C. Shirock

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