Music Video: “Not my party” by Strandels

“Not my party” by Strandels

Swedish indie band Strandels  come to us with the cinematic and sonic experience that is “Not my party”. With this youthful and honest blend of melodies and lyrics they open up their hearts and souls to tell a story that is easy to get invested in. The soundscape flows with gentle and welcoming charm blending with the airwaves that surround us . There’s something about the experience that is so amazing and so mesmerizing that you just want to press play over and over again. This talented up and coming band has crafted a song that beautifully embodies the human experience from beginning to end. Enjoy!

“In short ’Not My Party’ is about a love affair. That you’re falling for someone but you’re trying to get rid of those emotions since that person wants to be with someone else. It’s like a forbidden area to even think about. So the story in the song is about crossing that line because both people are drawn to each other, even though you shouldn’t do anything about it.” – Strandels

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