Music Video: “Pictures” by Asgeir

“…A graceful day the crowds they heave and flow

you can hear the engines running

the world is changing rapidly

into much uncertainty…”

“Pictures” by Asgeir

From Iceland comes the uber talented indie singer/songwriter Asgeir and his cinematic and haunting musical gem “Pictures”. With this exquisite showcase of melodies and lyrics he tells us a story that is so raw, so powerful and beautiful. You can’t help but feel an instant connection with what the soundscape is telling us as our senses embrace each verse and feel every single emotion that lies hidden within it. The track is poetic and comes as close as possible to musical perfection while giving us a sweet dose of visuals that complement the sonic experience in such an amazing fashion. There’s no denying that his name is bound for greatness and this music video is sure to become a fan favorite as he keeps on proving the world that the Scandinavian countries know how to craft amazing pop experiences. So dive into this world he has created and embrace the humanity that is feel through it. Enjoy!

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