Music Video: “I think you’re great” by Alex The Astronaut

“…Have I been holding onto too much hate?

There’s so much going on

You say love and patience

That’s the way to change things

And when I get lost and stressed

Obsessed and second guessing

Nowadays I laugh a little less

You ask am I okay?

You don’t judge me either way…”

“I think you’re great” by Alex The Astronaut

Australian indie singer/songwriter Alex the Astronaut comes to us with the uplifting and intoxicating gem that is “I think you’re great”. With this captivating and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics she puts a smile in all who listen as she reminds us that we are all great in our own unique manner. Plus the visuals she provides us with to complement the sonic experience are utterly charming and stunning as they serve our senses and imagination something to feel invested on. The soundscape is so playful and refreshing that you are sure to sway from side to side and sing along as it takes shape and form right in front of us. There’s no denying that she is bound for greatness and that this track has become a personal favorite and without a doubt one of the best songs of 2020. So listen carefully and open up your eyes to enjoy this wonderful gem!

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