Music Video: “Burn” by Adam Hender

“Burn” by Adam Hender

UK based indie singer/songwriter Adam Hender comes to us with the powerful tale of heartbreak that is “Burn”. With this stunning and intoxicating blend of sounds and visuals he paints a picture that is hard to miss and forget. The verses and melodies flow together so perfectly through the airwaves connecting with our senses providing us with a fine dose of reality and life. The track gives us the chance to connect for the story that resides within it is sadly so universal and practically part of the human experience. Adam has crafted a must listen anthem for heartbreak as it does not serve up a fantasy but the dirty reality of what a toxic relationship can hold. So open up your eyes and listen to all that is being said because it might be the wake up call you needed. Enjoy!

“It’s about a toxic relationship which I’m sure plenty of people have had too. I hope people relate to it.” – Adam Hender

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