Music Video: “Wasting Time” by The Mowgli’s

“Wasting Time” by The Mowgli’s

Indie pop band The Mowgli’s come to us with an honest and inviting soundscape of the beautiful must listen gem that is “Wasting Time”. With this track, they deliver a vivid and intoxicating experience that speaks to us all in a way that our hearts and souls are able to find a connection with it. The vocals shine perfectly caressing our spirits and making us feel invited and understood as the verses and melodies come together. The sonic experience is exciting and instantly becomes one with what the visuals hold allowing us to let go of the rules that society holds us with as we are reminded how important and how great we are. So smile and know that you matter as we dive into this magical world they have crafted. Enjoy!

“We all want to do something meaningful, but we don’t always figure out how. This song tells the story of being lost in a repeating loop of every day routine and the fight to keep moving forward.” – Joshua Hogan of The Mowgli’s

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