Music Video: “Que no nos importe” by Georgel x Kat Dahlia

“Que no nos importe” by Georgel x Kat Dahlia

Mexican indie singer/songwriter Georgel joins forces with Kath Dahlia to deliver the haunting musical gem that is “Que no nos importe”. With this exquisite soundscape, they invite us to let go of all the rules that society wants to keep on making us follow when it comes to love and relationships. They express both sides of this story as male and female join force to craft something so spectacular and unique that our senses are sure to fall for. The track speaks not only to what can be seen but also to our hearts and souls reminding us that love is a dance in which we choose the partner (and we really should not pay attention to what others have to say). There’s something about this song that just hooks you in and invites your body to relax and dance as the melodies and lyrics unfold within the airwaves that surrounds us all. Dive into this intoxicatingly mesmerizing and vivid realm and enjoy the magic that dwells inside.

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