“Saboteur” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos comes to us once more to end the year on a high note with the mesmerizing musical gem that is “Saboteur”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, he explores the current reality of life and society and how we all at times fall into that unnecessary need to compare ourselves to others. The track is so beautifully and poetically in sync with the current mindset of many as most can’t sadly find joy in their victories for they have a hidden need to compare. Aaron has crafted a soundscape that feels both old school and brand new as the melodies flow through the airwaves allowing the lyrics to tell a story that we all need to hear. He has done it once more and 2019 ended with an amazing piece of musical greatness from this artist whose name I highly recommend you know. Enjoy!

“The overall theme of the “Saboteur” is about the pitfalls of falling in a pattern of comparing yourself to others. With social media, it’s so much easier to see others successes and immediately be triggered to look at your life and go down a spiral of feeling bad for yourself. A friend of mine recently mentioned the Theodore Roosevelt quote “Comparison is the thief of joy” and I think that optimizes the sentiment of this song for me.” – Aaron Taos

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