Music Video: “Snow in December” by Samuel Proffitt ft. Allen Tate

“Snow in December” by Samuel Proffitt ft. Allen Tate

Indie artist Samuel Proffitt joins forces with singer/songwriter Allen Tate of San Fermin fame (and some truly amazing solo work) to deliver the lush and intoxicating soundscape of “Snow in December”. With this collaboration both artists balance each other out perfectly as they blend melodies and lyrics to tell  a story that is sure to find a home within our hearts and souls. There’s something about this song that gives it a certain cinematic and poetic feel that is just refreshing and exciting to hear. Our senses find a thrilling and mesmerizing adventure awaiting within this soundscape make it one for the books as the track pulls you gently yet firmly to a world of their creation. So listen and enjoy the ride that is “Snow in December”.

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