Music Video: “The Upside” by Lindsey Stirling ft. Elle King

“…Now I’m lost and I’m broken
Deep in like the ocean
Heart’s been cut wide open
Changing and I know it
The other side of you
That’s what I’ve been trying to get used to
But you know I am…”

“The Upside” by Lindsey Stirling ft. Elle King

Uber talented artist Lindsey Stirling joins forces with mesmerizing singer/songwriter Elle King to deliver the must listen gem that is “The Upside”. With this fantastic track they unite her violin, electronica and her voice to pull us into a cinematic adventure full of lush and hypnotizing visuals and sounds. The track shines through with utmost naturality and charm capturing our attention and playing with our senses and imagination as we are given a fine serving of something special and out of this world. There’s no denying that this collaboration is one made in musical heaven for it has all the right ingredients to get you hooked and become a fan favorite. So dive into the world of “The Upside” and explore every single inch of it as the track connects with your heart and soul telling a story that while magical will find home within you. Enjoy!

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