“Jealousy” by Tyler Boone

Indie singer/songwriter/entrepreneur Tyler Boone comes to us with the haunting and captivating musical gem that is “Jealousy”. With smooth and lush melodies that are perfectly complemented by the vivid and reflective visuals, he delivers an experience that is bound to stay within us all. The track is without a doubt a fine piece of musical expertise and talent as it’s not only catchy but honest and intoxicating. This track is a must have for any playlist and the video is one to surely capture your attention and play with your imagination. Enjoy!

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“Jealousy was shot right here in our homebase of Charleston, SC, home to a rapidly rising music scene. The track has a lot of angsty energy that I wanted to harness in the video. The theme of toxic jealousy clouding our heads, relationships, and lives is no stranger to us all; it causes some rash decisions and consequences, much like throwing stones in a glass house. I wanted to portray that in a symbolic way that leaves the narrative open to interpretation, rather than the typical “boy & girl fighting, boy & girl make up” approach.” – Paul Chelmis (Director of the music video)

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