“Dark Blue” by Fiona Silver

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Fiona Silver comes to us with the cinematic and sonic experience that is “Dark Blue”. With this exquisite musical masterpiece of contemporary experiences she delivers indie rock the way it should, rebellious and with something to say. The track shines through the screen and the speakers quite perfectly capturing our attention and imagination from the very first second. There’s something about Fiona that makes us keep our eyes on her as she traverses through the small stage making us feel as if we were at an arena. The track is without a doubt a brilliant addition to an already amazing and mesmerizing body of work. So listen, see and enjoy this electric ride that she has invited us on.

“Dark Blue was filmed while we were on tour, in Tennessee. We stopped by my friend’s vintage shop & listening room, The Bowery Vault, and before we knew it we were dressed up and doing an impromptu shoot. We did the entire band scene in about 30 min, before running off to soundcheck. That night we stopped in a store on our way to Memphis, bought a bunch of toys and fabric, and shot the doll/underwater scenes the next day at our AirBnb in Memphis. This shoot was all about having fun and just allowing ourselves to be silly and just create in the moment. It’s nice not to take ourselves so seriously. The song is all about heartache and spinning out because of some fuckboy, and that’s something most people can relate to, so we just had fun with it.” – Fiona Silver

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