“Lifetime in a touch” by Jackie

Canadian indie band Jackie comes to Wolf in a Suit with a sweet mix of pop, rock and something unknown with the musical gem that is “Lifetime in a touch”. With this passionate and electric soundscape, they grab us by surprise and pull us into their world and take us for the ride of a lifetime. The track has all the right ingredients to be a memorable one of a kind experience that every music lover should experience as the instruments set the perfect home for the voice to push through and break through the barriers of music genre and give us something special. There’s something about this song that just gets you excited and wanting and needing more and more of as it gets you hooked with mesmerizing and intoxicating sounds. So listen carefully and get on this ride for the night is young and there’s more magic waiting for us as this track takes shape and form and becomes our source of inspiration and motivation. Enjoy!

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I am the Man/Wolf hybrid who listens to amazing new music and aims to share it with all who visit www.wolfinasuit.com as I believe we all deserve a nice little tune to be part of the soundtrack of our daily adventures. So listen and enjoy some amazing gems with me.

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