“You’re with somebody now” by Tamzene

UK based indie singer/songwriter Tamzene comes to with a powerful lend of melodies, lyrics, dance and haunting visuals with “You’re with somebody now”. With this powerful track she explores her past in an honest way that tries to understand how the present is different in a mature and inviting way. The soundscape is so mesmerizing and intoxicating and perfectly connects with the visuals giving us all chance of a taste of perfection within the music world. The track is so raw and so human that the path taken by the music video was truly the only way for it really connects it all and sends a shock to our senses. So enter into her world and understand that you’ve given a unique chance to look into someone’s soul and see the growth it’s gone through. Enjoy!

“You’re With Somebody Now came from a period where I was looking to the past for answers, and I found them. Lewis Gardiner (producer and co-writer) has a talent for tapping into truth. So this song comes from an honest place of pain and realisation.” – Tamzene

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